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  • We Fired Our Shine with @cassolholm_fitnutrition about Bod Food

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    Cass Olholm

    A cross-country and athletics champ at Trinity Anglican School, Cass says a healthy lifestyle was part of her upbringing.

    “I was lucky enough to grow up in a household that strongly emphasised health, which is why I wanted to become a nutritionist so I could help others feel the way I feel and do the things that I do.”

    Cass says her philosophy is all about balance.

    My lifestyle is all about living a BALANCED active life. I have a passion for crossfit, yoga and running and if I’m not doing that, you will often find me in the kitchen creating something nutritious and delicious! Her own routine includes two or three crossfit sessions a week, a couple of runs and yoga.

    “I try to listen to my body – rest when it needs rest, work when it needs work, stretch when it needs to stretch.”

    I’m a shameless foodie and I believe in building a healthy relationship with food by eating nourishing and wholesome foods that leave you feeling energised and alive.

    I aspire to inspire and aim to empower people with their own understanding of health and fitness and to help them find their own BALANCE an version of an active, healthy lifestyle.

    1. The inspiration behind your business was….

    Reducing that time we spend walking around with stiff, sore muscles after a workout! Recovering from a workout is almost just as important as the workout itself. We need time for our muscles to repair and grow stronger. However like so many people, I am time poor and aren't able to soak for hours in a bath. This is why I initially developed Bod Food, which contains natural muscle recovery and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help speed up muscle recovery time and can be done all whilst in the shower! After sharing the scrub with some of my friends, they convinced me to turn the product into a business.

    2. A (work) day in the life of you looks like

    My workdays an be VERY busy. Between marketing and product orders for Bod Food, creating recipes, content and nutritional plans for Cass Olholm Fit Nutrition, I also work for my parents who own the Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort. So a usual workday for me is spent running around between all 3 businesses.

    3. Tell us one thing not too many people know about you

    I’m so scared of bugs (lucky me living in the tropics of Cairns – bugs everywhere!), but I love snakes.

    4. What is your favourite way to workout and why

    I love strength and conditioning and functional fitness, especially crossfit. I feel it is so incredibly challenging, but accomplishing each challenge is what keeps you going back for more.

    5. Who or what is your personal inspiration

    I have a few, but currently my biggest would probably have to be Chontel Duncan, the owner of HIIT Australia. She is such a positive, dedicated woman who is an amazing inspiration as a person, wife, mother and business owner!

    6. If you were a superhero, what would your super power be and why

    I’d love to have some sort of superpower that spreads happiness. There can never be too many good, positive vibes being spread around this world.


    Cass wears Body Language Helio Legging and Paloma Crop in cream and loves her Tomboy Sport Rookie Towel all online now. 

    Find out more about Cass and Bod Food at and @cassolholm_fitnutrition