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  • We Fired Our Shine with Ellie Bell ~ Founder The Collective Elite

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    1. The inspiration behind your business Collective Elite was….

    There were actually a number of factors which inspired us to launch The CE. The top ones, in no particular order are these:

    Current offerings for women's health and fitness wasn't looking at health, completely. There was only a focus on workouts and nutrition. We've included regeneration and mindset, to address health as it should be - through all its elements. Also, we thought that women deserved to have access to a premium health and fitness offering, hence, The Body Guide & Handbook. Thirdly, we saw (and still see) that social media bombards women with quick fix products, like skinny teas, that don't prioritize women's health. Another factor includes the fact that we want to help women recognize that their health is all they need to focus on to get the results they want - which is why we address health as a whole. We want to show women that they don't have to lose the results they get. Our products show women how to change their minds about how they approach getting fit and losing weight, making it easy to get results and keep them. And finally, we love how women support each other and wanted to create something that encourages that even further.

    2. What’s next for you and your business?

    We definitely have some new and exciting things lined up for The CE in 2017! We're currently in the process of building something bigger, better and super exciting - I just wish I could tell you more. You'll have to wait and see..!

    3. Tell us one thing not too many people know about you

    There's a couple of random facts about me I don't think many know about:

    I know the words to any song after hearing it only twice. It's great when I love the song, but hell when I hate it; and I can never get the annoying ones out of my head!

    I can moonwalk and generally do most Michael Jackson dance moves. I watched too many film clips when I was growing up.

    I seriously considered playing professional soccer over heading straight to uni after year 12...Schooling won.

    4. What is your favourite workout and why?

    Anything related to 'leg day' and I'm in heaven. Deadlifts, lunges, whatever. As long as I get that heavy-legs 'don't know how I'll walk tomorrow' feeling, I know I'm doing it right.

    I guess I love lower body workouts because I know how important it is to having a strong, centred, feminine body. Strong legs just make me feel so capable and I love knowing that I am that way, because I've chosen to be. I'll never stop.

    5. How is your approach different to other personal trainers?

    My approach is different mainly because of my background in psychology... it gives me that extra level of insight into my clients' motivations and behaviours and lets me help them on a deeper, longer lasting level. I strongly believe that the mind and changing your perspective is the key to making remarkable, permanent change, so I love the fact that helping people with that very issue is my best skill.

    5. Who or what is your personal inspiration

    My personal inspiration is my husband, Dwayne. I have literally never met anyone so driven, so determined and so willing to push passed traditional limits in how he thinks, works, acts and lives.

    Just watching him do his thing and put so much effort into growing The CE and taking it where we want it to go gives me even more of a drive than I already have. It's become an endeavour we don't just want for women the world over, but for us. Creating it was a labour of love and continuing to grow it is too. He is incredible.

    6. If you were a superhero, what would your super power be and why

    Ooh, this is a tough one... there are too many options! Invisibility? Flying? Reading minds? I literally can't choose... I will say that driving is annoying and being based in Australia, flying to the best places takes forever. So I'm going to have to go with long as I can take the people I want to come with me!

    Ellie wears Running Bare Set The Standard Tights and Gelato Crop. Online now at Fire and Shine.

    Find out more about The Collective Elite and follow Ellie @ellie.bell_01 for more inspiration.