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  • We Fired Our Shine with Barre Body Founder ~ Emma Seibold

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    Have you ever felt the burn in your legs to the point that they shake uncontrollably no matter what you do? Welcome to the world of Barre Body. This full body workout is like nothing else we have ever done before and we now call it one of our favourite classes to go to each week. 

    We had the pleasure of Firing Our Shine with Emma Seibold, Founder of Barre Body who shares with us the inspiration behind her business and the world class Barre Teacher Training Program.

    The inspiration behind Barre Body was….

    Having been a yoga teacher for several years, after I had my first baby Xavier, back in 2011, I started incorporating barre exercises into my yoga practice. I was absolutely blown away by the results. I looked and felt better about my body than ever and I was only doing 3-4 shorter sessions per week. I knew that if I, a dedicated yogi, love it, so many other women would too. And so, we opened our first studio in Flinders Lane, Melbourne and Barre Body was born. Since then we’ve grown so much and now have 8 studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Barre Body Online (a premium online studio with over 100 workout videos) and our Barre Body Teacher Training programs. We’ve trained hundreds of barre instructors and offer the most comprehensive program in the world (really!). 

    What does your Barre Body Teacher training cover and where could it take someone that has completed it?

      Oh my goodness, what don’t we cover! Our 150 hour Barre program covers everything you could possibly hope to learn to be a world class barre teacher over a series of weekends or 10 day intensive plus lots of online videos, study and review, and our 80 hour programs are a condensed, but still comprehensive version of the longer program. Our programs are delivered with Barre Body’s signature love, so trainees are supported and guided through a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience. The result? Graduates master repertoire, are empowered to teach with excellence, and blossom into exceptional teachers. As the true leaders in barre teaching in Australia, we are known for our depth of content, superior quality of instruction and the deep mentoring and support we provide to all our participants.

      What is next for you and your business?

      So much growth. We will continue to open studios, expand our teacher training programs and create more and more incredible content for Barre Body Online. So much to look forward to!

      What is your favourite Barre Body workout and why?

      Barre Body is my favourite class as it is the most yoga based of all our classes (including Barre Tone, Barre Moves, Barre Cardio, Barre Yin and Barre Fit) and I will always be a yogi at heart!

      How is your approach different to other barre studios?

      We put so much emphasis into the training of our teachers and so much love into the whole experience that our clients really feel these differences when they attend our studios. Our studios and classes just have the most lovely feel and energy about them.

      Who or what is your personal inspiration

      Living with love. I aim to do everything with great love and care. I am inspired by the people around me every single day, especially the Barre Body team, my husband and my beautiful children.

      If you were a superhero, what would your super power be and why

      Ha ha, I talk about super powers all the time. My real life super powers are the ability to go straight to sleep and the ability to wake up early – very important superpowers for a busy mumma who runs a huge business and gets up every morning at 5am to get my exercise out of the way before they wake up and the chaos begins!

    Barre Body has studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a new studio called The Flow, opening in Byron Bay soon.