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    Jackie Dunn: Yogini, chai tea connoisseur; aspiring fashionista

    The Fire and Shine dream started for Jac when she signed up yoga teacher training (YTT) to strengthen her own practice and explore the prospect of teaching yoga. It turned out to be the best year of Jac’s life. In her own words:

    Initially there was lot of fear and anxiety about the training – was I good enough, am I strong enough, can I really do this? As it turned out, the YTT year was incredible – facing my fears, having courage, getting to know who I really am and learning about attachment and judgement. At the same time it was so much fun and transformative and the journey continues for me everyday.

    For me, Fire and Shine means staying true to yourself, having the courage to be vulnerable, present and having conscious awareness so that love, gratitude and contentment shine from within.

    Fire and Shine was born out of a desire to make a difference and enable all women to realise their potential. From feeling good on the inside and shining on the outside. Fire and Shine is wholistic, it's being kind to yourself, loving yourself without judgment and taking one step at time to live an active, healthy and mindful life.

    Jac has a passion for fashion, loves a good pattern clash and encourages everyone to be unique and express individuality. Jac also strongly believes in doing our bit for the environment and the workers that make our activewear, yogawear and loungewear.

    We are serious about the brands we stock and the manufacturing process. That’s why we use only have brands on the site that manufacture garments using factories that care for their workers and pay them a living wage. We believe that quality is everything. Our garments are expertly made to flatter your shape and look great for all your activities, while doing good for the workers who make our beautiful brands.

    Jac’s active life has many facets. While yoga is central to her life, through teaching and her own practice, this is complemented by a love of high-impact HIIT sessions, weekly weights and weekend cycling hit outs. You can count on Jac to be sporting the latest in stylish gear from Fire and Shine – whether it be yoga pants, gym gear or weekend wear.

    It’s not all discipline for Jac though. She always has a bottle of Veuve in the fridge, a selection of lip glosses in her bag and a hot tip on the latest café or restaurant to try. She continues with her search for the best chai tea; and also finds secret pleasure in wearing sequins in the daytime – go girl!

    Fire and Shine - finding balance and realising your potential.