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    We Fired Our Shine with Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner

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    Laura Henshaw Blog Q&A:

    The inspiration behind Keep It Cleaner was…

    We wanted to share how easy being healthy really is and teach young women about balance and being the best version of themselves. With social media it can be really hard not to get caught up to comparing yourself to others so we wanted to create Keep it Cleaner as a place where we can help young women stop comparing themselves to others and focus on themselves. We are all about being strong, happy and feeling good on the inside!

    What is next for you and the business?

    We hope to be able to help more and more young women with our program and expand our grocery range to make more healthy options accessible for everyone.

    What is your favourite item from the Keep It Cleaner range and why?

    Ah it’s too hard to choose. I have to select 3 :P! I love our Kombucha - it is super refreshing, our Fig and Walnut Bliss Balls - they are the perfect healthy treat and get me through afternoons in the office and the Spicy Kimchi- it makes every salad 100 times more delish!

    How is your approach different to other healthy living communities?

    Our approach is all about balance and teaching women to focus on how they feel instead of how they look. KIC is not a fad diet or 8 week challenge, it is a lifestyle change that comes with an incredibly supportive and inspiring community of women.

    Who or what is your personal inspiration

    Our KIC Girls are my biggest inspiration. The support they show each other is just the most amazing and empowering thing in the world- checking in with them everyday is always the highlight of my day.

    If you were a superhero, what would your super power be and why

    I would love to be able to fly! Traffic and transit time stresses me out - so getting rid of that would be awesome!

    Laura wears the Claudia Legging and Crop in snakeskin from 

    Check out how to join the community Keep It Cleaner here.

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