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  • Compression Tights - Why We Love Them

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    Why Compression Tights Are A Must Have 

    Activewear is now part of our everyday lives #everydayactivestyle and we love the fact that they are also not only functional and have health benefits, they also come in prints and plains to suit your every move.

    Leggings have gone from being made of suck-you-in lycra to more technically enhanced fabrics, making them more fashionable, performance enhancing and lasting a lot longer. Enter our love of compression fabric and how great they allow us to feel in them.

    The science behind compression fabrics are that they:

    1. Help you recover faster:

    - Reduces welling

    - Improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage removing toxins and fastening muscle repair

    2. Reduces risk of injury:

    - Promotes faster muscle warm up

    - Minimises muscle micro-tearing

    - Graduated compression reduces risk of deep vein thrombosis

    3. Improves Your Performance

    - Keeps muscles in place reducing muscle fatigue

    - Improves blood flow and reduces lactic acid build up

    - Light weight and flexible

    With all this technical knowhow and some gorgeous designs and prints, who doesn’t want to look and feel good AND wear these leggings?

    Many of us probably cringe at the thought of wearing our leggings outside of the gym or studio. Compression fabrics and the gorgeous prints they come in, transform us into knowing we are wearing leggings that are lifting and supporting us in all the right places - what’s not to love - and put a spring in our step.

    Here are some of our favourites:

    L'urv Angel Baby Legging

    The L'urv Angel Baby is part of the Mod Squad collection from L'urv Sportswear. We love the art deco print as well as the mid waist giving us support and comfort. If you haven't got a pair of L'urv leggings, get to it Firies.

    Nux Active V Crop in Brigade

    Nux Active V Crop Pant in Brigade is this seasons hottest colour. Made from Body Engineered ® monotone materials and designed with a comfort gusset / no side seams, these tights will feel amazing and have maximum moisture management.

    We Are Handsome Active Leggings

    We Are Handsome activewear range is designed to move with you. All pieces are made from FlexiCool- a Lycra free, knit fabric providing superior performance properties.

    FlexiCool is sweat absorbing, quick drying, UV blocking plus cool and comfortable to wear due to its advanced technology yarn construction. 

    Two of our sporty sisters, @trainingforchocolate and @the_fitway gave us their top reasons they love compression leggings. We just love Vie Active Compression tights and it's no surprise, it's these ladies favourite too.

    Training for Chocolate

    Vicky (Training For Chocolate):

    “When I wear compression tights, I feel like my legs (and tummy and butt!) are being ‘held in place’ which makes me feel more confident in whatever I am doing, be it running, spin or squatting at the gym.

    I also feel like I’m supporting my muscles and let’s face it, they need all the help they can get when you’re putting them through the paces. It’s like wearing a layer that helps give you ‘athlete status’ “.

    Vicky wears Vie Active Rockell Twilight Ombre Tights. 



    “The hugging feels like it gives -makes me believe - I’ve got it together and can train or workout for longer.

    They lift, tuck and help with recovery, so a true favourite for me.”

    Sass wears Vie Active Tights. 

    That's the wrap up Firies, grab yourself a pair of compression tights and feel the amazing difference they make not only to your workout, they also allow you to feel great on the inside too. 

    Shop Tights now, be well Firies.