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  • We Fired Our Shine With Base Body Babes ~ Felicia and Diana

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    Felicia and Diana from Base Body Babes

    If you have been working out for some time and are on social media you will no doubt have heard of Felicia and Diana of Base Body Babes - The two incredibly gorgeous personal training sisters have amassed more than 628,000 (at last count) Instagram followers and also have their own private PT gym - Base Gym (North Sydney) and women’s only studio - Base Body Babes Studio (Kensington) and a cafe called Base Fuel attached to Base Gym.

    The two unassuming sisters are two of the most influential women in the fitness industry and have physiques that motivate women every day to work out and keep making progress. It’s not all plain sailing for these personal trainers, Felicia and Diana of Base Body Babes work hard for their bodies. We spent some time chatting about their programs and how they maintain and train their clients and reach their own personal goals. We were thrilled to know that their programs are not about pounding the treadmill, starving yourself or cutting out all foods. They combine strength training and eating sensible, non-processed foods. Sounds like a good recipe to us.

    1. What defines a good pair of leggings to you? We love compression tights. We like our leggings to feel like a second skin, so compressions are our faves. Felicia and Diana both love Vie Active compression tights and have been long time fans of the leggings.

    2. Do you have a mantra, if so, what is it? Be happy, healthy, fit, strong and confident!

    3. Who or what is your motivation? Our clients - they are the reason we do what we do. Each other - as sisters, we push each other to be the best versions of ourselves and we always pick each other up when need be. Also Felicia’s husband, Sebastian Oreb (@australianstrengthcoach), a leading strength coach for Australia’s elite athletes and trainers. He is by far our biggest influencer and motivator – his knowledge and experience is second to none and he has taught us so much. He is also our coach and really helps us stay focused and push ourselves to achieve our goals both in the gym and in our business.

    4. What are your top 3 things to fire your shine? Our Family, Our Training and Our Work.

    We love them all and they are the things that get us excited to jump out of bed everyday.

    5. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you? We are sisters, most people think we are friends. We are normal sisters that fight all the time over the smallest things, like ruining each others new shoes. We may fight, but we always make up immediately, our mum always taught us to never go to bed angry, so we always send lots of soppy messages before bed to make up with each other.

    A typical workout for Felicia and Diana:

    On our strength days we lift heavy weights and keep the rep range low (under eight reps), so we have enough rest periods for a better recovery and to maintain the intensity for the whole session. We try and lift a heavier weight than we did in the previous session. We don't do traditional cardio exercises like jogging as we believe the way we combine strength and circuit days is the ultimate synergy for a beautiful lean and toned body.

    We try to train together whenever we can. Most of our workouts last anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes depending on what we are doing.

    Our circuit style sessions tend to last between 45 to 60 minutes while our strength sessions require longer warm ups and more rest time. These sessions for us can take anywhere from one to two hours.

    How would you describe your style:

    Sporty, casual, minimalist, comfortable and functional.

    Diana: I'm a little more edgy and adventurous with my fashion and love to get glammed up.

    Felicia: I prefer a more minimalist, effortless and classic look.

    If you aren't following Base Body Bases yet, check out their website and Instagram accounts. Find out more about their programs so you too can BUILD YOUR BASE BODY and ultimately BASE YOUR LIFE.

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