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    We Fired Our Shine with Kate Kendall @activeyogi about Flow After Dark

    We are sure most of you have heard of Australian yoga guru, Kate Kendall. She’s the gorgeous, unassuming yogi  on your Instagram feed sharing her pearls of yoga wisdom and impressive poses. Not only that, Kate is also the co-founder and director of yoga at Sydney’s premier boutique fitness studio, Flow Athletic. We spent some time with [...]

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    We Fired Our Shine with Chontel Duncan - Owner and Founder of HIIT Australia

    We first met Chontel Duncan when she had just opened the first HIIT Australia gym at Capalaba in Brisbane. Not only was a sleek looking gym, we were in awe of firstly how tall Chontel was (this is one of the most asked questions) and also how amazingly fit and strong Chontel was as well. [...]

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    We Fired Our Shine with KX Pilates and Barrebody Instructor, Karlie

    In Karlie’s own words, the first 30 Day pilates Challenge she ever completed, changed her life. From suffering anorexia and bulimia when she was younger, she felt stronger, mentally and physically after the challenge. This led Karlie to undertake pilates teacher training and quit her corporate day job to spread the word about how both [...]

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    Why We Love Vinyasa Yoga

    Our Love of Yoga is Endless. Not only does our Founder, Jac, have a practice that she loves, she is also a trained yoga teacher and has been practicing this ancient art for over 15 years. Why We Love VinyasaVinyasa yoga is a very subtle, beautiful, introspective practice and exercise can be a side benefit. Yoga is [...]

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    Guest Blog from @fit_collective - on Reformer Pilates

    Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event at KX Pilates Red Hill by Jackie (founder & creative director) of Fire and Shine. The event was great and I really loved being there.I have done pilates in the past. I used to do reformer classes quite a lot, but that was [...]

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    How to Feel More Energised

    A big holiday season, over indulging or a change of season can be a time of feeling sluggish, drowsy or slightly depressed.  According to Ayurveda, when we experience these symptoms (drowsy, depressed) we are low in Agni (your digestive fire). Agni helps us digest & absorb the nutrients in our food and to support the [...]

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