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    Matcha Maiden

    We love a good matcha latte here at Fire and Shine and so thrilled to be able to bring our community some EXCLUSIVE offers!

    Matcha powder is traditionally consumed as part of a tea ceremony, but ceremonial grade matcha is expensive and requires extra equipment andeffort to prepare. Matcha Maiden wanted matcha to be affordable and accessible, so her Mix N Matcha can not only be prepared without a whisk to enjoy as a tea, but also makes a very versatile daily superfood!

    You can mix and match(a) with your favourite healthy recipes – matcha green tea flavoured smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, skincare, every kind of match(a) made in heaven. It is good on-the-go, no equipment or pre-preparation required. We hope you enjoy!

    Use the code "fireandshine" on the Matcha Maiden website for a 20% Discount.




     Sally is a self-confessed fitness + health foodie lover. The health benefits of Sally's fit-mixes? I got 'em by the bucketload. Sally's top picks:  

    • support lean muscle mass
    • assist in weight control
    • regulate blood sugar levels
    • increase metabolism
    • maintain energy levels
    • boost immune function

    Like us, Sally doesn't do fad diets, deprivation, guilt or calorie counting.

    Sally does do nourishing your fine self with clean, body-loving snacks that give you the balls to tackle anything.

    Use the code "MIXMATESHINE15" on the Fit-Mixes website for a 15% Discount.